the spoken [or written] expression of thought

This Blog

Words. is the culmination of my ideas and musings. It will be the home of my written expression of thought whether it be poetical, playful, or profound. People either describe me as very serious or very funny. Before “Words.” I tried isolating these two aspects of my character on two separate blogs. Now, I have decided to attempt to blend these two sides together in my writing. The product is this new blog.

This blog will evolve with me. I am exploring who I am and trying to become who I want to be. It will not begin as a finished, polished proect and it never will be. This is not a beginning, it is a birth. It will grow, develop, make friends, crush enemies, and hopefully become immortal.

I know I am being a bit grandiose but all is expected when history is being made.
I hope you come along for the ride…
Commence the reign of Words.

Thank you for visiting and reading my words.

Live by Faith,
Matthew Tapp

For a fuller understanding of how this blog came to be, read its opening post, “The Great Blog Merger.
To learn a little bit more about me, take a look at this page.


Leave your Words here.

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