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The Author

I’ve noticed that the most successful popular bloggers keep their “about me” very short. Often, they, especially the comedians, don’t actually include any substance that actually informs the reader about them. I understand how this can be a bit effective. Very rarely, does it tickle my fancy to read an extensive biography of a common lay-blogger. So I won’t attempt to lure you into reading an encyclopedia excerpt about me.

I’ll take the minimalist approach and provide a brief series of informative personal facts:

-My name is Matthew David Tapp.

-I’ve been here for 19 years.

-Family consists of two loving parents and two brothers of which I am “the middle.”

-I’m blind in my left eye; happened when I was 14; I’ll explain later.

-Biblical Studies Major at Life Pacific College.

-Aspiring Youth Pastor, Missionary, Writer, Teacher.

Well. Now, I have this awkwardly egocentric feeling in my fingertips. I hope this page gave you a chuckle, a tear drop, and a bit of understanding to some variables that will inevitably influence my writing.

Thank you for visiting and reading my words.

Live by Faith,
Matthew Tapp

To learn more about my blog, check out this page.


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